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Crystal Vases

Crystal vases are useful, cherished recognition awards. Each time the recipient fills it will flowers, she will remember the occasion when she received it. Crystal is the perfect material for a vase because it allows a clear view of the roses, carnations, daisies or other flowers that will fill it. Crystal facets reflect light, showing off the colors of the flowers in striking ways.

As presentation pieces, crystal vases are much prized by recipients. These trophies come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including cups, bowls, standard vases or artistic models. Vases can be round, oblong, in a Renaissance design, Art Deco or abstract modern.

Crystal vases make excellent personalized awards. Their hard surface is perfect surface for laser engraving. Add the recipient’s name, the title of the award and the date of the event to give it personal meaning. Engraved awards give a custom feel to the trophy, making it that much more special for the person receiving it.
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