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Customized Clear Acrylic Awards

Awards.com has over 100 different clear acrylic award designs. These trophies are affordable and versatile enough for any occasion. The shatter-resistant material keeps the award beautiful and luminous for years.

Clear acrylic recognition awards come in a wide range of styles and shapes. You can choose large ones that fit on the wall, medium-size plaques that fit on a mantle or smaller ones that are perfect to display on a desk. Select from star, oval, arch, circle or diamond shapes, among others. The material lends itself to many types of design.

Each acrylic award comes with personalized engraving. You can add a personalized message, the recipient’s name, and even your organization’s logo onto the trophy. These awards will be displayed proudly for years to come. They give the recipient a chance to show the world they have been acknowledged for their talents and efforts.

If you want to add a further touch of class, consider a mixed-medium award constructed of clear acrylic combined with other materials.
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