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Four Colours of Man (Eagle)

Prestige Glass
Price: $135.00

Four Colours of Man (Eagle)
Four Colours of Man (Eagle)

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Four Colors of Man, one of the Northern Dreams series of original artwork by First Nations artist Gordon Fiddler, depicts a four-colored circle with trailing feathers within the profile of an eagle’s head. The piece is aquashaped 3/8” jade glass on a beveled jade base. The red, white, yellow and black colors within the circle are constant, while the hues of the multicolored feathers vary from piece to piece. It is accompanied by a romance card containing a short biography and the interpretation of the artwork as follows: “In the beginning, the Creator gathered the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water – and breathed into them. From this union, mankind was created. In Ojibway culture and that of many other Aboriginal peoples, the number four remains a recurring and sacred symbol of both divine purpose and the essence of existence: the four cardinal directions at which sit the four powers of the universe, the four seasons, the four stages of man’s life, and the four colours (black, white, red and yellow) signifying the races of man. In the four colours design, the circle represents birth, renewal and continuity. Most importantly, it is an embracing symbol of our Mother Earth, wherein the peoples of the earth are united and wherein, for good or ill, the journey of life is made.”

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