Colored Acrylic Awards

Colored acrylic awards are an affordable way to show your employee, team member, or club leader how highly you value their contribution. While all acrylic awards are shatter-resistant and durable, ready for a lifetime of display, dashes of reflective color accents add visual interest.

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Colored Acrylic Awards

These colored acrylic recognition awards are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They come in a large variety of designs, from geometrics to abstracts and animals. Colored acrylic awards for executives to be classic diamonds with splashes of jade or cobalt to highlight its elegance. For top salesmen, you can select a shooting star etched on a rectangular plaque, with blue accenting the trail or the star.

Engraved colored acrylic awards make it much more personal for the recipient. Instead of an out-of-the-box feel, it has a custom look. Get it laser engraved with the recipient's name, title and the occasion of the award. Add your company or team logo.

Occasions for Color Acrylic Awards

There are plenty of events that can be enhanced by giving our personalized acrylic awards to people you value. If you're a business owner, rewarding employees with awards they'll love means you can increase loyalty for your business and improve the attitudes of your staff. Awards ceremonies are events employees look forward to, and awards help maintain hard work and productivity throughout the year.

Some ideas of when to give out acrylic awards include:

  • Employee of the month recognition: Employees will strive to earn the award by producing great results for your business.
  • Significant dedication: Annual milestones of work contribution can be recognized, which helps to retain top talent for your business. The longer an employee has worked for your company, the larger or more extravagant the award can become.
  • Company-wide consensus: Get your employees involved in recognizing their co-workers by hosting voting periods for employee awards. This helps improve teamwork and gives your staff a way to acknowledge each other's efforts.
  • Holiday party: A holiday party is often a company-wide affair, one where friends and family of staff may also be present. Hosting an awards segment at a holiday party gives you the opportunity to make employees feel extra-special in front of loved ones.
  • Charity events: Nonprofit galas are great places to recognize top contributors with awards, to maintain momentum for charitable giving and encourage others to donate, too.

Those who receive acrylic awards often proudly display them on their desks for co-workers and clients to see. This helps reinforce the positive nature of your business, which keeps employees engaged and impresses clients because of the value you show for your team.

Any occasion that warrants recognition and public appreciation is a great time to give an award. Acrylic awards are amazing quality and are perfect for all. From busy award ceremonies that are held outdoors, to black-tie events that demand some sparkle from on stage, acrylic awards are ones that receivers will marvel at and want to proudly display.

Personalize Colored Acrylic Awards Now

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