Crystal Obelisk Awards: Recognize Top-Performing Employees

Oblisk shaped recognition awards are a popular type of award that is often given to individuals or organizations to commemorate their achievements and recognize their contributions. The obelisk shape is a tall, four-sided monument with a pyramid-like top, and is inspired by the ancient Egyptian obelisks that were used as monumental columns. For the most special of awards ceremonies, crystal obelisk trophies are stunning tokens of appreciation. These weighty awards show how significantly you value someone's time and service to your organization. Crystal pillar awards are a beauty to behold and a joy to possess, becoming a welcome addition to a trophy case, desk, or other meaningful area where respected awards are displayed.

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Crystal Obelisk Awards: Recognize Top-Performing Employees offers free engraving and logo, free setup for obelisk crystal awards, and free shipping on obelisk awards orders. Each obelisk crystal award comes in multiple sizes to choose from, and many can also be customized by shape. Whether you want to recognize someone as a shining star at your organization, or reward someone for their dedication and service to a business, crystal obelisk awards are magnificent ways to convey gratitude.

Crystal obelisk trophies are ideal for awards ceremonies, since they shine and sparkle from a stage for everyone to view. We also have stately marble obelisk awards to suit specific decors, tastes, or styles. You can personalize each award with your business logo as well as the recipient's name and/or a personal message to make the award truly unique.

Why choose an Obelisk Award

The obelisk shape is symbolic and represents many important qualities. It is associated with strength, power, and durability, making it a fitting symbol for recognition awards. The tall and narrow shape also represents growth, progress, and upward mobility, which are all traits that individuals or organizations being recognized for their achievements embody.

Obelisk shaped awards come in a variety of materials, including glass, crystal, and metal. They can be customized with personalized engravings, logos, or messages to make them unique and special. Obelisk trophies, for example, are often given out in sports or other competitive events to recognize the top performers. Obelisk glass plaques and obelisk-shaped acrylic awards are popular choices for corporate recognition programs or academic achievements.

The obelisk shape has been used for centuries to commemorate significant events and achievements. It is a timeless symbol of excellence and is often associated with great monuments such as the Washington Monument or Cleopatra's Needle in London. This makes it an ideal choice for recognition awards that are meant to celebrate and commemorate important accomplishments.

When the occasion calls for an award that will be treasured forever, marble and crystal obelisk awards from are a supreme choice. These beautifully crafted awards are designed to last a lifetime. When your business hands out obelisk awards, you are sure to impress recipients and everyone who sees them. Browse our remarkable selection below now.