Marble & Stone Awards, Plaques and Trophies

Marble and stone awards, plaques and trophies have a timelessness and solidarity that reflects high achievement in awards and recognition. Since granite and black marble plaques come straight from the earth, they are strong, durable, and ready to withstand the test of time.The beauty of stone and marble plaques is multi-faceted, and it becomes even deeper over the years.

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Marble & Stone Awards, Plaques and Trophies

Marble & Stone Trophies

Craftspeople work carefully with black marble and granite, making the most of their rough spots and smoothing out the edges while leaving the natural texture intact. Using black marble or granite for awards, trophies and plaques adds weight, substance, and distinction to an award, making the effort it recognizes feel tangible and real.

If you want an extra special look of distinction, you can purchase a customized granite or marble plaque or trophy. It is also possible to order a unique mixed-medium award, as marble and granite beautifully complement glass, wood, or acrylic.

Looking for a plaque award? Peruse our extensive selection of beautiful personalized marble and granite plaques to make your next award something truly special.