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Crystal Eagle Awards

Crystal eagles have a distinction all their own when it is time to present recognition awards for leadership at a corporate event, sports banquet or club wrap-up at the end of the year. Crystal eagles are specially crafted to convey power, achievement and patriotism.

A wide range of crystal eagle recognition awards are available. One of the most popular is the eagle in flight. You can also find eagles resting, with the flag nearby. Or choose a stunning crystal plaque with an etched eagle soaring aloft. An eagle shown alert on top of a crystal column indicates diligence and foresight.

Crystal eagles lend themselves well to personalized awards. Simply have the names of recipients and the events laser engraved on the base of the trophies. Engraved awards mean much more to the person receiving the recognition. Each time he looks at the eagle, he can remember with pride the occasion when he received it.
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