Flame Awards, Trophies, & Plaques

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The Eternal Flame, the fire of passion, the warmth and practical help from a fire: all of these feelings can be embodied within a flame shaped award or trophy for recognition. It is the perfect acknowledgement for a high-flying salesperson, a leader who has brought a difficult project in on time or an employee who is retiring after many years with the company.

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Flame Awards, Trophies, & Plaques

Flame awards are highly prized by their recipients. They come in a wide choice of materials, sizes, shapes and designs. Consider a crystal flame with a cobalt or ruby tint. Or a magical glass flame sculpture or flame plaque, colored in red and sitting on a wood base. You can choose a triple flame sculpture made of glass on a wood or metal base. Flame acrylics are both affordable and attractive, available as sculptures or as a plaque with the flame engraved.

Personalize your custom flame shaped award to give it special meaning for the recipient. It can sit proudly on a desk or shelf, an attractive way to show the world that the efforts of the person receiving it have been recognized by his peers.