Eagle Awards

Discover our collection of eagle awards, embodying the meaning of the majestic bird known for its strength, courage, and freedom, symbolizing high aspirations and significant accomplishments. Each award, from crystal eagle trophies to resin-crafted pieces, is designed to honor recipients who embody exceptional leadership and outstanding achievements. Our eagle awards and trophies are ideal for recognizing significant accomplishments, celebrating milestones, or conveying the powerful message of the eagle's awards, representing high aspirations and success. Available in various styles and sizes, these awards are perfect for any recognition event or ceremony. With the option of free engraving, personalize each piece to create a unique and meaningful tribute to your esteemed recipients. Start exploring now to find the ideal eagle award that resonates with the significance of the achievement and the prestige of the occasion.

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Eagle Awards

Symbolism of Eagle Awards

Celebrating Achievements and Leadership, eagle awards are steeped in symbolism, representing not just achievement but also the aspirational qualities of leadership and soaring ambition. These trophies are an exceptional choice for recognizing many accomplishments, such as leading a successful project, exceeding sales targets, or contributing to safety initiatives. In military contexts, eagle awards are significant, symbolizing courage, honor, and dedication. The majestic eagle, known for its vision and strength, perfectly encapsulates the essence of high achievement and exceptional leadership, making these awards particularly poignant for those who have demonstrated similar qualities in their endeavors.

Eagle Award Trophies

At Awards.com, we offer a diverse collection of personalized eagle award trophies crafted to suit various recognition needs and preferences.

Material and Design Varieties

Our eagle awards are available in various materials and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion. Options include classic wood designs, often featuring a cutout of an eagle on a plaque and bronze-colored resin statues on contrasting bases for a more dynamic look. Acrylic awards offer modern elegance with eagle motifs etched onto columns or plaques. Eagle award trophies, highly esteemed among recipients, include exquisite sculptures like an eagle's head on a wood base, combining elegance with symbolic power.

Custom Engraving Process

We offer a custom engraving process to personalize these prestigious awards further. Names, reasons for recognition, or any other significant details can be laser engraved onto the award. This level of customization enhances the award's aesthetic appeal and imbues it with deeper meaning and personal significance for the recipient. Every glance at the award will serve as a reminder of their achievements and the appreciation of those who recognized them.

Selection Guidance for Eagle Awards

Selecting the right eagle award requires consideration of both the occasion and the recipient's preferences. Think about the message you want to convey with your award. Choose a design and material that reflects the significance of the achievement considering the difference between bronze and crystal eagle awards. Whether it's a more traditional wood plaque or a sophisticated crystal sculpture, each eagle award in our collection is designed to honor and inspire.

Why Choose an Eagle Award?

Choosing an eagle award from Awards.com means selecting a symbol of excellence and leadership. These awards are not just tokens of recognition but powerful emblems that resonate deeply with recipients. Ideal for various achievements, especially where leadership, vision, and exceptional performance are involved, Eagle Awards embody the spirit of soaring ambition and success. Their timeless elegance and symbolic weight make them a prestigious and meaningful choice for any recognition event.

FAQs about eagle awards

To learn more about eagle awards call 1-800-4-AWARDS (800-429-2737) or review our frequently asked questions below.

How can an eagle award symbolize years of service and achievement?

Eagles have long been the symbol of achievement and flying high.

Can the design of the eagle award be altered for a specific year or milestone?

Yes. We offer engraving services and customization.

Are there any special edition eagle awards for long-term service recognition?

We have a variety of Eagle Award styles that you can customize to be a special edition.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for eagle awards?

We have a range of options for materials such as wood, stone, and more that you can choose for your eagle awards.

Can eagle awards be customized for specific councils or organizations?

Yes. We offer engraving services and customization of styles, materials, sizes, and colors.

How can I purchase eagle awards?

You can order online, by phone, or by email.

How can I ensure my eagle award order is accurately processed?

All orders will be acknowledged by us in writing via email. Your order is billed once it is shipped.

Can I cancel my eagle awards order? How?

Yes. All cancellations will be acknowledged by us in writing via email.

Can the eagle award be shipped internationally from the United States?

Yes. We accept and deliver orders around the world.

How is the eagle award retrieved or replaced if lost or damaged?

If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact our customer care department at 1-800-535-2773.