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Crystal Star Awards

The stars among your salespeople or project managers will prize their crystal stars recognition award for a lifetime. These stunning, sculpted awards come in a wide range of sizes and designs, appropriate for a wide range of purposes. You can choose from free-standing stars, several stars together, shooting stars and even practical star paperweights.

Whether you are acknowledging the efforts of a team project at work, the winners of a sporting event, an academic achievement or a group leadership award, these crystal star trophies make perfect gifts. You can add meaning and value by giving the recipients personalized crystal stars that are laser engraved with the title of the award and the date. Consider adding your logo and company name.

These crystal star recognition awards come in more than one tone. For multiple stars, you can have one in green, one in blue and one pure crystal. Or choose one with cobalt in the base. Selecting a star on top of a column is perfect when the award is for reaching for the stars, versatile and appropriate for many types of recognition.
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