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Keepsake boxes recognition awards are functional and decorative. They are among the most appreciated of all gifts, whether the recipient is an employee, team member or club leader. Everyone has knickknacks that need a home. The right size keepsake boxes will find a place on a desk, shelf or counter.

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Keepsake Boxes

Personalized keepsake boxes come in a wide range of colors, materials, sizes and designs. You can choose biscuit jars in glass, jewelry boxes in crystal, candy jars in acrylic, trinket boxes in rosewood or specialty boxes in walnut or oak. Choose simple designs that let the glass, crystal or wood shine through. Or pick a more elaborate style that catches the eye.

Laser engraved keepsake boxes show personal acknowledgment of the contribution of your employee, club member or team player. Adding the person's name and the reason for the award makes it special. Every time she opens it throughout the coming years, she will see the engraving and think with warmth and pride about the people who gave it to her.