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Vases are valued for their look and for their function. They can be used over and over through the years, providing a beautiful vessel for displaying flowers. They make cherished gifts for executives, office staff, team members and club leaders. Whether you want to mark a retirement or reaching a sales quota, vases as awards are appropriate.

You can choose from a wide selection of vases as recognition awards. They come in glass, crystal, acrylic, metal and marble. You can choose large, small, or medium size, and in shapes as varied as cylinders, bowls, cups, oval or trophies. Select a very simple design or one with elaborate scrollwork and beading.

Personalized vases are laser engraved with the recipient’s name and the reason for the award. Every time the person who receives it fills the vase with flowers in the years to come, she will see the imprinting and remember her colleagues who thought so highly of her.
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