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Sales Award Ideas

Sales Awards Ideas - Celebrate Sales Achievements

Increased sales team morale, stronger engagement, and top-notch customer service are some of the benefits enjoyed by companies that have a solid means of recognizing sales representatives' performance. If you desire to take your ROI (Return On Investment) a notch higher, you can never go wrong with acknowledging achievement.

Sales recognition sounds easy as a duck takes to water, right? This might seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that it’s essential to come up with a solid employee recognition strategy. What is employee recognition all about?

Why Sales Recognition?

Sales awards revolves around appreciating the accomplishments and hard work of the teams and individuals in your company. This involves fostering emotional connections between your employees and your organization without compromising on the company’s values and the work done by your staff.

Truth be told, recognizing sales reps offers something that monetory bonus, gift card or promo product can – there is no better way to make them feel respected, loved, and even valued. With that said, feel free to borrow a leaf from the following recognition award names.

Sales-Incentive Programs Award Names

  1. V12 Award
  2. Sales Attainment Award
  3. Big Kahuna Award
  4. Sales Frontrunner Award
  5. Chief Closer
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Position Award
  7. Exceptional Salesmanship
  8. Best Performer
  9. Gold/Silver/Bronze Sales Attainment

Top Sales Recognition Award Names

  1. Above and Beyond
  2. Ace of Initiative
  3. Highest of High Fives
  4. President’s Circle
  5. WOW Award
  6. Cloud 9 Collaborator
  7. Chairman’s Award
  8. Cruising and Crushing it
  9. Leadership Award
  10. Hyper Helper
  11. Going Beyond
  12. Attention World, Success Is Here
  13. Unparalleled Performance
  14. Unmatched Dedication
  15. Pinnacle Award
  16. Beyond the Call of Duty
  17. All You Have Done
  18. Standing Ovation
  19. Surpassing Everest
  20. High Five Award
  21. Your Success is Well-earned
  22. For Always Reaching Out
  23. Spotlight Award

Sales Mentor/Leadership Recognition Award Names

  1. You’re a Gem
  2. You Inspire Us All
  3. Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Efforts
  4. 3 Cheers
  5. Sidekick Salute
  6. You Made The Difference
  7. Galactic Gratitude
  8. Associate Appreciation
  9. Key Contributor
  10. Your Dedication Never Goes Unnoticed
  11. PROPS

Retirement Award Names

  1. Exiting in Excellence
  2. Dedication and Service
  3. Extraordinary Service
  4. Remarkable Dedication
  5. We Bid You Adios

Many organizations around the world have award programs that appreciate sales reps for coming up with the most successful product, retaining the most customers, making the highest sales, among others. What is more, other companies always recognize their rookie of the year and MVP. Such companies are aware that their success or failure is highly dependent on their sales team.

Giving awards to sales representatives has passed the test of time in terms of increasing engagement and recognizing sales effort. What are you waiting for? Try it out today and enjoy all the bonuses that come with it.