Ways to Make Custom Trophies More Special

Custom trophies are some of the coolest types of awards you can present to someone. With the ability to design custom awards in just about any size, shape, color, and material you could want, there are endless ways to create custom award trophies that will always be treasured.

Go beyond simply adding someone's name to an award to make it "custom." Use these ideas to create custom trophies awards that become truly memorable keepsakes.

Design an Award in a Unique Shape

Don't limit yourself to creating an award trophy in a classic rectangular shape. Custom trophies can take any form you want, and they can even forgo a pedestal to become a sculptural trophy. You can tailor the award to:

  • The accomplishment or purpose of the award
  • The occasion or title of the awards ceremony
  • The environment where the award is being presented
  • The personality of the recipient


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Another way to differentiate custom trophies even more is by color. If you want to make custom trophies similar shapes, make each one a different hue so each recipient gets an award that is one-of-a-kind. Glass awards can be custom cut to different shapes just like acrylic awards, and both materials come in a variety of colors that can match or enhance your brand.

Incorporate an Image That Represents Your Brand

Crystal awards and other types of custom trophies enable brands to add imagery that relates to their business or organization. Make the image as standout or subtle as you want by adjusting the color. Add a brand logo to a corner of the award or make it the background for the entire award.

With custom trophies, you can incorporate several types of designs into one award. For example, the top half of an award can be all about the brand, taking on the corporate persona with a formal logo to identify the giver of the award, while the bottom half of a custom trophy can be a completely different color or design aesthetic.

Add More Personal Details

Yes, you should engrave someone's name on a custom trophy you're giving them, but what about other details that will help them to remember the purpose of the award and the occasion? In addition to a name and title of the award recipient, considering adding:

  • Full date or year
  • Something that distinguishes the recipient, such as their tenure with a company or the role they played when they got the award
  • Award title or reason the person is receiving the award

In the future, when the recipient looks back at the award, they'll remember the kindness of your organization, which is beneficial for your brand reputation.

Feature a Heartfelt Note

Custom trophies trophies become special mementos when they feature genuine words of appreciation or recognition on them. An exciting aspect to custom trophies is that you can actually write a message by hand and have that etched onto the award.

A note of gratitude conveys sincere thanks or praise that can motivate the recipient to keep performing at a high level so that future accomplishments live up to the achievement they're being rewarded for. Having a visual reminder of thanks from a brand representative can also help to strengthen the recipient's relationship with the organization and those who work for it.

Display a Meaningful Quote

Show off the values of your organization by adding a motto or quote that represents how you operate or do business. Make sure that the quote is also relevant to the reason for the award and the person it is being given to. Inspirational words can serve as a reminder to the recipient to keep achieving greatness in the future.

You could also consider featuring a quote that is personal to the recipient, whether it's words they live by, something they say often, or an insider statement that the person usually would only associate with your organization. They'll be reminded of the situations where those words held meaning so that the memory of your organization always remains.

Include a Photo

Just like custom trophies and trophies can feature whatever type of logo or design you desire, actual photographs can also be included on custom trophies to make them more visually appealing. Some photo ideas for custom trophies include:

  • A photo of the recipient
  • A photo of the recipient and the team they worked with
  • A photo of the recipient and their family
  • A special photo conveying thanks that is created by the team that is giving the award

Photos capture a moment in time and stir up memories that can impact actions and sentiment in the present day. Adding a photo to a custom trophy can be a fun or sentimental touch.

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If you want to give custom awards and trophies that are unique to each recipient and reflect your brand well, the design team at Awards.com can make your vision a reality. We've worked with some of the most notable brands around the globe to create custom award trophies that are extremely special.

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