Custom Awards Made in the USA is the last high-quality, full-service manufacturer of recognition awards remaining in North America. One hundred talented, dedicated artisans work to provide amazing customer service and products that exceed expectation.

It is no accident that so many brands trust their recognition awards to After 75 years in business, we have designed and created awards for nearly every distinguished event. You don’t stay in business that long without becoming the leader. We take the extra effort to develop a piece that your recipients will know is something special the moment they touch it.

A custom trophy is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand’s positioning. A prominent recognition display will serve as a permanent reminder of your brand promise.

The most intriguing (and overwhelming) part of designing awards is selecting the style that reflects both your brand and the achievement you are honoring. Our award-winning designers have years of experience creating the perfect awards to suit any occasion. Just give us your thoughts and ideas and let us do all the work.

Here is a list of our popular custom award manufacturing capabilities:

  • Metal Hand Casting, Metal Centrifugal & Die Casting
  • Resin Casting
  • Electroplating, Finishing, Polishing and Lacquering
  • Wood, Acrylic, Stone, Metal, Crystal and Glass Fabrication
  • Glass Molding and Art Glass Fusing & Slumping
  • World-Wide Sourcing
  • Package Design
  • Varied In-House Decorating Processes
Custom Trophy Emmy Custom Trophy PepsiMax Custom Trophy American Idol Custom Trophy London International Custom Trophy Effie Award Custom Trophy Pillsbury Dough Boy Custom Trophy Geico Gecko Custom Trophy Jolly Green Giant Custom Trophy Shoah Custom Trophy Eugene Cernan Safety Award Custom Trophy Cinemacon Custom Trophy Mother Teresa Award Custom Trophy Midas Grand Custom Trophy People Magazine Award

Whether your award is hand cast, polished and electroplated in our foundry; milled, fabricated and lacquered in our workshop; or kiln-fired, shaped and fused in our hot shop, you can be assured that the stamp of quality is as important to us as it is to you.

The Custom Award Design & Manufacturing Process

Let us make the difference for your next recognition award. You start with an idea and we'll turn it into a masterpiece, creating a custom trophy you'd be proud to give & receive.

  1. CONCEPT - Custom castings begin with a sketch or rendering, followed by a three dimensional model to develop exact specifications.
  2. TOOLING - Once a model is approved, a production pattern and steel tooling are created.
  3. CASTING - Figures are hand cast one at a time in molten metal, which solidifies in the steel mold after it is poured.
  4. POLISHING - Each award is polished to a mirror finish.
  5. PLATING - Then electroplated in 24K gold, silver, bronze or other finishes.
  6. FINISHING - Finally, the figure is assembled and imprinted for a one-of-a-kind recognition award.
Custom Award Manufacturing Concept Custom Award Manufacturing Tooling Custom Award Manufacturing Casting Custom Award Manufacturing Polishing Custom Award Manufacturing Plating Custom Award Manufacturing Finishing

Many things come into play when designing an award including budget, quantity, and the required end result. The best solution might not always be a cast metal figure. Our design department will propose solutions to stretch the boundaries of your expectations and challenge your imagination. If your budget is tight, we may determine that importing your award is the best scenario. Our Asian partners have satisfied hundreds of awards programs. The customer service representatives will take the time to explain your options to ensure that your award will enhance the image of your organization.

Custom Awards Made in the US for Decades

An American original. has been shaping the way custom recognition is made for more than seventy-five years!'s designers and skilled artisans has been designing and manufacturing awards since 1938 and we have experienced many changes in that time. From launching in 1997 at the forefront of online ecommerce to Today where we use the latest design programs and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to refine your award to perfection... thing has not changed...

When we produce your award, there is still no substitute for hand-craftsmanship. Our skilled tradespeople have learned their trade through decades of experience. Many of them have apprenticed in our shop and are proud of their history with Every award we make is touched by the many hands of our workforce.

Contact us for information on how we can make custom trophies your organization will love handing out.