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Octagon Awards

Octagon awards are unique and compelling with their many sides. They make elegant recognition awards for an employee who has contributed an outstanding performance to his team, to a sports team member who has led his group to victory or to an executive for long service. The beveling on an octagon-shaped award reflects the light and draws the eye, making it highly prized by recipients.

Octagon recognition awards come in many designs, materials, shapes and sizes. For a retiring executive, consider a crystal octagon award with a sapphire tint that shimmers when the light hits it. Or a jade colored acrylic octagon on a metal or wood base. You can choose a paperweight or a keychain in the shape of an octagon. The distinctive contours will make the award stand out, whatever style you choose.

Personalized octagon awards have the most meaning for the person receiving them. Engraved awards with the name of the recipient and the reason for the award give them lasting importance. Each time he looks at it in years to come, he will remember with warmth the people who recognized his efforts.
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