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Forest Encounter (Bear)

Prestige Glass
Price: $135.00

Forest Encounter (Bear)
Forest Encounter (Bear)

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Forest Encounter, one of the Northern Dreams series of original artwork by First Nations artist Gordon Fiddler, depicts a bear of the northern forests in aggressive posture. The piece is aquashaped 3/8” jade glass on a beveled jade base. The colorfills on the bear paw etching may vary slightly from piece to piece. The accompanying romance card contains a short biography and the interpretation of the artwork as follows: “The most formidable of North American land carnivores, the bear is venerated by many Aboriginal peoples for its curiosity, strength, and ferocity in defence of family and territory. The ability of the bear to walk erect on its hind legs has inspired many myths of man-bear transformations. Often believed to possess supernatural powers and the capacity to heal, the bear has given its name to the clan responsible for village defence and the medicinal uses of plants.”

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