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A Guide to Buying Art Glass Awards

If you want to move beyond traditional plaques and trophies for your next award-giving occasion, art glass awards and art glass plaques are stunning tokens of appreciation that make a memorable impact. They're also great for gifts for special occasions. Art glass award trophies look and feel elegant, and custom engraving gives art crystal and art glass trophies a personalized touch.

Here's a guide to art glass trophies and custom art glass awards - why they're special, when you should give them, what to look for as you're searching, and ideas to consider.

Reasons to Give Art Glass Awards

Art glass awards are ideal for a variety of occasions. Giving an art glass award in a business or organizational setting helps to recognize an employee or individual, helps to motivate the recipient to keep performing at a high level, and shows the rest of the organization that you value effort and hard work. Presenting art glass and crystal awards can have a positive ripple effect that increases motivation throughout an organization.

Events that are great for giving out art glass awards include:

  • Holiday party
  • Retirement
  • After sales achievements
  • Work anniversary
  • After going above and beyond job duties
  • After receiving national recognition
  • Company award ceremony
  • Wedding or special occasion

Whenever there is an awards event or occasion that involves a stage and lighting, art glass awards are perfect to hand out because they sparkle and are attention-grabbing from the stage. Art glass awards that are personalized become treasured mementos that recipients will love to keep for years to come. They can proudly display them on a desk or in a home. The beauty of the award becomes associated with the high standards of your business or organization, and with how much you care.

Why Art Glass Awards Are High Quality

Art glass awards are some of the most high-quality awards you can choose to bestow among those you're grateful for. Just a few reasons why you should contemplate giving out art crystal and glass awards include:

  • Weight: Art glass awards are substantial awards that tend to be heavier than plaques or acrylic awards. Being able to hold something weighty in one's hands makes the significance of the award seem more meaningful, too.
  • Precision: The gorgeous designs of crystal and glass awards make them live up to their designation as art. The sculptural form of art glass awards is sure to impress recipients and onlookers who will marvel at their detailed shapes.
  • Personalization: Art glass awards can be personalized in many ways. Businesses and organizations may create custom art glass awards that reflect a design that relates to the brand. All art glass awards are also able to be engraved with the recipient's name and with a personal message. These special touches elevate the meaning of the awards.
  • Beauty: Art glass awards are mesmerizing because glass is a medium that captures light and color unlike any other. From being displayed in natural light to shining on a platform at an event, glass and crystal awards grab attention and keep it for years to come.

Art glass awards can provide an amazing return on investment. Presenting those you are grateful for with a crystal or art glass award can help to improve loyalty, retention, and productivity.

If you want to give an art glass award as a gift for an event like a wedding, customization options guarantee that your gift is truly one-of-a-kind.

What to Look for When Shopping Art Glass Awards

Not all art glass awards manufacturers deliver high-quality awards. When you're shopping for art glass awards, look for:

  • Customization options, both in design and in engraving
  • Free proof so you can view the design before it's produced
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A design team that will communicate with you to make your vision a reality
  • Bulk pricing options so you can save on large orders

At Awards.com, everything you could want in terms of art glass awards is possible. You can combine materials, design your own award from scratch, include any engraving you want, feature any color or shape you can imagine, and so much more. You always get a free proof, and we completely guarantee your satisfaction.

Avoid ordering art glass awards from providers that are limited in their options, that don't respond to your questions, and that don't offer a satisfaction guarantee. You could waste your time and money on awards you're not happy with and that don't make the impact you're striving for.

Art Glass Awards to Consider

Besides creating your own uniquely designed crystal awards to reflect your brand or the occasion, here are some other art glass award ideas to think about:

  • Artistic shape on a simple base: Make the art the star with a glass award that features a dazzling sculptural shape atop a simple base, like the Barcelo Award. The flame-shaped top is a conversation starter that looks sensational in a multitude of décor styles.
  • Shape that represents the brand: Find an art glass award that has a symbol that relates to the recipient. For example, the Arcadia Apple award is a fantastic choice for teachers. A frosted, multicolor award like this one looks like a painted sculpture.
  • Art within art: A hand blown sculpture award that has a variety of colors and shapes within the larger glass top is one that creates a brilliant spectacle. See the Trilogy Flame, Jupiter Award, and Zenith Award styles for inspiration.

Works of art inspire happiness and can bring a sense of peace and calm to the beholder. The refinement, allure, and artistry of unique glass awards make them very effective for showing appreciation.

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