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Decorating Methods for Customizing Awards

These unique award decorating options are a cost effective way to customize your trophy and enhance your brand. Ideal solutions for tight timelines wanting custom awards and large organizations or awards ceremonies. Get started and speak to one of our Awards Experts today: 1-800-4-AWARDS (1-800-429-2737)

Color Fill
Custom Etched and Colorfilled Award Examples
Full Color Printing
Full Color Printed Award Examples
3D Engraving
3D Engraved Award Examples
Multi Etch
Award Examples with Multiple Etch Areas
Logo Design & Art
Examples of Graphics to put on Awards

Etch & Color Fill Awards

Most crystal and glass awards are deep etched using sandblasting. A protective film of your engraving is created and applied to each award, before each is individual sandblasted by one of awards artisans. For a pop of color, you can choose to the custom decoration method known as color fill. Colorfilling involves a hand painting process into the physical etched area. This is a single color process as it doesn't allow for multiple colors to touch or blend together. Starting at $10 per color per award with stock colors but we have the capabilities to PMS Match if required.

Our Stock Color-Fill Color Options:

Stock Color-Fill Color Option

Full Color Printing

When colorfill will not suffice due to complicated designs or many colors, full-color printing steps in to get the job done. This method is perfect for adding a picture or complex colored logos to an award. Because the process involves technitions directly printing on the award surface via industrial flatbed printers, this process can only be applied to awards that can lay flat horizontally. Depending on the design, we suggest mixing both etching and full color printing for a unique and professional look. This process starts at $10 per award depending on the size.

3D Engraving in Awards

Also known as subsurface engraving, 3D engraved awards combines physics and art. A pinpoint laser is used to microscopically fracture the inside of a crystal (essentially creating a lot of dots) to achieve the effect. This process is only available on a small selection of thick and perfectly clear crystal awards. 3D engraving a 2D object like a logo or text creates the visual of it floating within the crystal with the thickness of a quarter. However, if you have a 3D CAD FILE of a project such as a product design or a new building, we can use that to engrave a true 3D model inside the crystal. Alternatively, we can turn nearly any object into a custom 3D award. With access to a huge library of 3D rendered files, we can 3D engrave nearly anything, from animals to household objects to DNA. If you have something specific you'd like to be cnverted to 3D, we need pictures of the object from all angles. Custom 3D engraving process has onetime art fees starting at $100.

Multiple Etching Locations

When looking to do more, choosing an award with multiple etching locations might be the perfect solution as it easily allows you to add more design and dimension to a single award. Depending on the elements, thick awards are best suited for etching a background design and personalizing the front. Some awards have accent pieces and others have bases which can be used as dedicated engraving area for recipient's names and leave the main etch area reserved for your logo and messaging. This customization option starts at $10 per additional etch location per award.

Custom Graphics and Logo Design for Your Award

All our awards are blank canvases. Simply etch a golfer or a golf ball onto an award and suddenly you have transformed the award into a custom golf trophy. Looking for a thematic element for your award? Our artists have access to a full library of etch-ready design elements. Onetime Art fees starting at $25.