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Circle Awards

Circle awards mean many things when gives as recognition for achievement. They bring to mind the circle of excellence, the never-ending search for perfection and the winner’s circle. In short, they are appropriate for a wide range of trophies. A perfectly shaped crystal circle works well any time you want to welcome a high-achiever to the winner’s circle at your company or club.

These circle recognition awards come in a variety of sizes, materials and designs. Consider a sapphire-tinted crystal circle for a salesperson who has reached the highest number of sales for the year. A wood plaque in the shape of a circle is an excellent award for a team member who helped make it a winner in its league. An acrylic circle with a jade tint is a way to say thank you to a club member who brought a community project to completion.

Personalized circle awards mean so much to the recipients. You took the time to acknowledge their contribution by having their name and the reason for the award laser engraved. They can how it off for years to come, proof that their peers have respect for their work.
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