Custom Engraved Award Plaques

Shop our award plaques, where each piece is crafted to honor achievements with distinction and elegance. Our range of awards and recognition includes a variety of plaque awards, from classic designs to custom award plaques, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any occasion. Each plaque can be uniquely tailored with options in different sizes and colors, including sleek black and the added benefit of free engraving. These recognition plaques are a meaningful way to express gratitude, available at various price points to suit your needs. Explore our collection of plaques awards today and find the ideal way to commemorate success and dedication or contact us to design custom awards.

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Custom Engraved Award Plaques

Choose a Plaque Award

Choose engraved plaques with precision and care, and take advantage of our free customization options to create an award that truly stands out. Whatever plaque award you choose, can add custom engravings to any of the items that interest you, or you can create a completely custom award with our designers.

Types of Award Plaques to Choose From

Our extensive range of custom plaques caters to various recognitions, ensuring you find the perfect match for your event.

Perpetual Plaques for Ongoing Corporate Awards

Perpetual Plaques are ideal for ongoing corporate awards, such as Employee of the Month or Annual Sales Achievements. Designed to be updated regularly, these plaques allow for the addition of new names and dates, creating a legacy of excellence within your organization.

Single Plaques for Individual Achievements

Single Plaques are tailored for individual achievements, recognizing personal milestones or specific accomplishments. These custom plaques are personalized for the recipient, making each a unique award plaque that is a memorable token of appreciation.

Custom Plaque Maker: Make Me a Custom Plaque

Selecting the best plaque award for your event involves considering the nature of the event and the achievement. Think about the message you want to convey and choose a plaque that reflects the significance of the accomplishment and the esteem of the recipient. Personalization is key in making an award truly special. Our customization options ensure that your plaque award is unique and meaningful.

How to Select Size and Colors

The size and color of your plaque should complement the achievement it represents. Larger plaques suit more significant recognitions, while smaller ones are ideal for personal or team achievements. Color choices can align with your brand or the theme of the event.

Material and Design Varieties

Our plaques come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, stone, acrylic awards or event desktop glass plaques, each offering a different aesthetic. The design should reflect the event's tone and the award's stature. Choose from traditional designs for a classic look or contemporary styles for a modern touch. Wall plaques can last a lifetime and be a cherished gift for your employees. For your design, consider whether you want them to be made from a more durable material like marble or walnut. If you want a more elegant award plaque, glass is a great option.

Plaque Maker: Free Engraving and Customization

We offer free engraving and customization to make your award unique. Engrave the recipient's name, the date, or a congratulatory message to create a lasting and personal memory of their achievement. Our advanced engraving services can directly place your organization's logo onto the plate. You can also select from three different fonts to write the recipient's name, award title, and any other information you may want to include on the personalized plaques.

FAQs about Award Plaques

To learn more about custom plaques and awards call 1-800-4-AWARDS (800-429-2737) or review our frequently asked questions below.

Can I customize the plaques with my organization's logo?

Absolutely. Our advanced engraving services allow you to add your organization's logo directly onto the plaque. You can get customized plaques with unique designs featuring your company's branding or business partners. The engraved plaques come in multiple sizes as well.

Are there any guidelines for writing award inscriptions?

Yes, we recommend keeping inscriptions concise yet meaningful. Focus on recognizing the achievement, and feel free to add a personal touch.

Can award plaques be customized for specific councils or organizations?

Yes. We offer engraving services and customization of styles, materials, sizes, and colors.

How can I purchase award plaques?

You can order via online, phone, or email.

How can I ensure my award plaques order is accurately processed?

All orders will be acknowledged by us in writing via email. Your order is billed once it is shipped.

Can I cancel my award plaques order? How?

Yes. We will acknowledge all cancellations in writing via email.

Can the award plaques be shipped internationally from the United States?

Yes. We accept and deliver orders around the world.

How is the award plaque retrieved or replaced if lost or damaged?

If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact our customer care department at 1-800-535-2773.